On Letting Go

In the realms of personal development or religion, “Letting Go” and “Surrender” have similar meanings. Both involve releasing your expectations, releasing your desires, and taking things as they are. Accept what is and what is not.

People complain and complain about the way things are. People complain about their lives, and wish it were some other way.

“I wish I had more money.”

“I should have bought a house by now.”

“Why can’t I find that perfect partner?”

All of these complaints are grounded in the idea that there’s something wrong with the way things are now. At its core is a rejection of the present situation.


During the second seminar I took in my personal development journey, one of the course leaders said something that I still use in my life today:

“You cannot move the boulder if you’re disillusioned about where the boulder is.”

You can push and push and push, and at the end of the day if you’re not pushing the boulder because the boulder is actually somewhere else, you’re just wasting your energy. In order to effectively push the boulder, you must first accept where the boulder is. Fully, wholly, and completely. Allow it to be there. Accept that it is there.

Only once you have a full complete acceptance of the boulder, where it is, and its properties, then you have a solid understanding of how it moves and how it doesn’t. That’s when you can create a plan to move the boulder. Or go around it. Or just leave it where it is.

Thinking about the boulder metaphor, what is the boulder in your life that you’re just not accepting? 

What is it that you wish were different, that causes anxiety, anger, frustration, or resignation?

What is there to accept about it? 

How can you bring peace of mind to the way it is right now?


Please tell me what you saw about your life, I’d love to know!

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