Community during COVID-19

With everyone on lockdown, and rightfully so, those of us who are extroverts, including myself, may be struggling with the lack of human interaction. I have to admit, the first 5 days went fine. I got to stay home, rest up, and sleep in. After 5 days, though, the sense of isolation started to set in. My initial reaction was to call friends to see if I could go over to their place, or if they could come visit me, which I did with one friend. I went over to her place and we cuddled and watched a movie. It was so good for my soul, but also maybe not so great for the spread of disease. When I learned a few days ago that my roommate had a cough, I felt it would be best to self-isolate.

Yes, my #1 love language is physical touch, and I’m extroverted, so this social distancing is a double-whammy for me. In these past few days, I’ve gotten pretty creative with how I connect with people. My guess is, even if you’re an introvert, you will probably crave human interaction at some point. After all, solitary confinement is considered a type of torture, and is documented to cause hallucinations.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to maintain a sense of community and connectedness during COVID-19:


  • Video Calls: 

Seriously, these things are great. Although they don’t offer the ability to hug or cuddle the other person (yet), having conversations and seeing people’s faces is a game changer. Super effective at staving off feelings of isolation.

Options: Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, etc…


  • Projects you’ve been putting off: 

I have a long list of workshops I’ve been meaning to create plans for. I’m now starting to work on them. You’ll see me putting them up on my website soon (, with corresponding facebook events and eventbrite registration pages. And then I’ll start creating the plans and handouts for them! Really, this doesn’t have to be a time of sitting around watching Netflix. I told one of my friends this over the phone, “It’s like I’m in the slingshot, and I’m pulling myself back. Once things start opening up again, I’m going to catapult myself forward.” I’m also creating new burlesque performances, and learning a new solo jazz dance choreography. 

Use this time to do the prep work that will launch yourself forward once everything goes back to normal!


  • Video Conference Co-Working:

There’s a reason why companies require us to come in to the office at least a few times per week rather than work at home all the time: being around other people who are also working makes us more effective and productive with our time. Just log on and post your video conference link on facebook. People will join you. I did this on Saturday and had 4 people join me as I did my taxes. 

BONUS: My 2019 taxes are done and mailed!


  • Online Classes:

My community is full of artists, performers, and entertainers. They were hit hard by the California AB5 bill (puts burden on employers to prove that gig workers are not employees, which resulted in their gigs being cancelled outright), and now with all gatherings cancelled, they are hurting even more. They still have very useful skills, and are creating online classes so people can keep up with their workouts/training during social distancing. 

Here are a few from my friends, and if you have the means to pay/tip them, please do! They are hurting financially right now, and have been for months.

If you don’t have the money to pay for these classes, there are lots of people organizing Video Conference workouts, where you all just watch the same YouTube video and do the workout together. If you don’t have friends doing this, you can be the friend that starts one!


  • Video Conference Collaborations

Not only can you co-work via video conference, but you can also collaborate via video conference! Are there some projects that have been in the back of your mind that require at least one other person? Did you just never have the time to get started on it with everything going on? Well, now that our evenings are free of those pesky social gatherings, and we have absolutely no commute time from home to work and back, there are hours upon hours of time to pour into these! Even better, those people you’ve wanted to collaborate with are also free. Collaboration call on a Tuesday from 2-3pm? Sure, why not? We’re not doing anything else anyways.

What have you been doing lately? How has your schedule changed? How has your schedule stayed the same? What can you do to get the support you need? What can you do to provide support that others may need?

Please tell me, I’d love to know!


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